sports events, city and village festivities

Outfit "SPORT" is a stylish and non-binding outfit suitable for a normal day or non-binding meetings. "SPORT" is suitable for sports events, city or village festivities, but also for any other events.

weddings, celebrations, balls and corporate events

Outfit "ELEGANT" has a social and festive effect. Due to its elegance, it is especially suitable for social events such as weddings, family celebrations, balls and corporate events.

TV shows and corporate events

The "LED" outfit was created for our unique LED SHOW. We didn't want him to be distinctive and draw attention to himself, because the lights on the drums should stand out. The whole outfit is therefore relatively simple, complemented by a colorful look on our faces.

historical festivities and events

Do you organize a meeting of veterans, historical festivities or an event with a touch of history? The "HISTORY" outfit is just right for you, which will complement the event with another historical piece.

summer parties

Sun, water and relax. All this belongs to the flight and the flight also includes the outfit "HAWAII", which is perfect for a summer party by the water.

children's events

A game of colors, laughter and joy. All this brings with it the world of clowns. Cheerful outfits "KLAUN" are suitable for children's parties, celebrations or events.

events with folk themes

We do not forget our roots either. Outfit "FOLK" with a motif of folk costumes will perfectly complement folklore festivals or various events with folklore themes.